Why Should I Pump my Septic System?

Residential growth in Teton County poses an increasing risk of nutrient and fecal contamination to our waterways from unmaintained septic systems. Nutrients can impair stream life by promoting algae growth, and fecal contamination leads to increased risk of illness if water is ingested. The best way to ensure septic systems are operating correctly is regular maintenance.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends septic systems are pumped every 3 to 5 years. If septic systems are not pumped, backup can occur and cause the entire system to fail. Septic system failure is a human and environmental health hazard that quickly turns septic system operation from “out of sight, out of mind” into an expensive and unpleasant emergency.


Septic System Pumping Rebate Program

The reimbursement period for the 2019 program is now closed.

The JH Clean Water Coalition is supporting an initiative to provide Teton County, WY residents the opportunity to receive a rebate for pumping septic systems which have not been maintained in the last 5 years. The program provides a 50% reimbursement (maximum of $150) for septic system pumping in Teton County, WY.

Instructions for Program Application & Reimbursement

1. Enroll

Enrollment for 2019 is closed.

2. Schedule your Maintenance

Contact a septic system pumping contractor to schedule an appointment between now and June 1, 2019.

3. Complete the Inspection System Checklist

Make sure your septic system pumping contractor completes the Septic System Inspection Checklist and returns the completed form to you.

4. Submit Reimbursement Materials

If you previously enrolled in the 2019 Septic Program, once pumping is complete, submit your receipt of services along with your septic system inspection checklist by completing our Reimbursement Request form. All reimbursement requests are due by June 15, 2019.