Community Discussion About Stormwater Treatment

Did you know that Flat Creek is an impaired waterway?
Did you know that contamination from stormwater is one of the largest contributors to this listing?

Every time it rains or snow melts, water runs through Jackson’s stormwater system before ultimately ending up in Flat Creek. The Snake River Fund and Teton Conservation District are hosting a public presentations on stormwater management.

The Flat Creek Stormwater Symposium, Monday, May 14th, 2018 at the Teton County Library’s Ordway Auditorium, aims to engage local residents and water resource professionals about stormwater management in our community and especially Flat Creek. There is no registration required, and all sessions are free and open to the public.

Session 1 (4:00-5:00): A technical stormwater management presentation focusing on recent developments in master planning for water quality, drainage and flood control infrastructure. This presentation will be aimed at planners, engineers, builders, architects, and other professionals who interact with stormwater. This will be led by Dr. Andrew Earles of Wright Water Engineers, Inc., one of the region’s foremost experts on stormwater management planning and implementation. Dr. Earles brings nearly 20 years of experience in stormwater master planning in Colorado, including work in Aspen, Durango and Denver. Attendance at this presentation is eligible for continuing education credits.

Session 2 (5:30-6:30): A community discussion about stormwater solutions for Flat Creek. This discussion will include information about the current status of Flat Creek, existing threats to the waterway, as well as projects underway to improve the creek. This presentation is geared towards the general public. This will feature a panel of experts including Dr. Earles, and professionals from the Snake River Fund, Trout Unlimited and Teton Conservation District. Community members will have an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. Attendance at this presentation is eligible for continuing education credits.

Further Information

Contact: Carlin Girard-, 307-733-2110