The Fish Creek Stakeholders Group includes all individuals and organizations that are working to help restore the Fish Creek watershed. The group has initiated a watershed-wide source nutrient study with the United States Geological Survey and will develop a preferred set of options for science-based restoration.

Collaborative problem solving allows stakeholders to work together on a common issue. When multiple stakeholders work together, the resulting vision better achieves mutual goals. Collaboration leads to stronger, more enduring solutions. These community leaders are committed to restoring and protecting Fish Creek by implementing best practices.


Aspens I & Aspens II Water & Sewer Districts
Fish Creek Ranch
Friends of Fish Creek
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
Nelson Engineering, At Large
Pierson Landworks, At Large
Shooting Star Ranch, Golf Course
Snake River Fund
Snake River Ranch
Teton Conservation District
Teton Pines Country Club and Resort
Teton Village Association
Teton Village Water and Sewer District
Trout Unlimited
Wilson Sewer District
WY Game and Fish Department